Why am I slowly shifting to YouTube?

I did not want to do YouTube videos until I found that my articles were copied shamelessly by certain people without even.....
Astrology is my passion. It also is my profession. I love to teach Astrology. But during the last 1 year I got very upset when I saw my articles being copied entirely by using 3 keys on the keyboard – Control C and Control V (copy paste). People can so easily copy from another person in the age of internet.

It is okay if the contents are copied. I do not mind if the content reaches more people through more websites. What bothers me is that people put their name on my articles. Many have not even acknowledged my name. I think that this is totally unfair.

So I may not be contributing more articles on wordpress.com until I find that those websites in which my articles are published are removed. I am requesting the concerned people, So far nothing has changed.

I hope all my readers understand my problem.

However I plan to do simple articles like Jupiter Transit and Saturn Transit year after year on wordpress.com
I may not submit research articles on wordpress.com
In case you have any question to ask me please put it up on YouTube in the comments section.

I hope to find a solution to this problem.


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