Why do so many people believe in Astrology?



The Origin of Astrology

Long time back and until today everything that we see is going through a cycle. Everything goes back to the same point where it all started. This cycle is seen both in the non living and living beings around us.

You may wonder that I am deviating from the title in the first paragraph. No. Hold on with patience.

You may lose patience because you think that you are unique and no one has lived life like you have. The good and the bad experience you wrongly assume to be unique to you. There are many people who have told me that “never has any other human known what I have known or gone through in life”. Such views are justified because you have not known the lives of the rest of the human beings in this world from the time human beings came about on this blue planet.

   Fig. 1: The Rain Cycle

The eternal cycle of rain. The same rain year after year, centuries after centuries have lashed all the beings in the world. The same water has gone up and come down. Each time we see the beauty in it, have gone through the trouble of getting wet, catching a cold, got drenched, cancelled appointments. We have cursed the rain at certain times and thanked God for the rain at some other times.

We have seen the lion chasing the deer, catch it in mid air and then the lion has a great meal along with the rest of the pride. If you were God and opened your eyes once in 10 years, you would still see the same things. The lion chasing the deer, the teen age boy going after the girl, the snake and mongoose fighting. Then you may close your eyes and sleep. If you had a long life like God, you would have been sick of the whole thing. Seeing the same movie a hundred thousand times over.

A child being born and people celebrating with joy. Then somewhere a person dies. Around the dead body there is so much wailing and crying, so much of sadness. As though people never expected these things to happen. They have seen it a hundred times. They have known this for centuries and yet so much of anxiety. They refuse to admit that there is the eternal cycle of life and death.

Fig. 2: The Ugly Caterpillar become the Butterfly

Have you see a caterpillar. The loathsome creature has a totally different life, a glutton of the highest order, no sense of etiquette and no sense of decency. Then it disappears into an cave that it makes for itself like a hermit. When it comes out it is something else. The beautiful butterfly.

This has happened millions of time. So perfectly all the time. There is nothing unique about each butterfly. Each butterfly came from the same cycle.

Are you unique?

You may be unique in some way. Yet, there is something that is common between you and so many others in the world either now or in the future or in the past. You are unique because you have an IPAD now which others may not have had 20 years back. Yet you are basically no different.

You have a father and mother like all the millions of human beings who live now or lived about 1000 years ago. They fell sick like you do today. They had issues with their brothers and sisters like you do today. They have had enemies who attacked them. Despite civilization we are still attacked by various forms of enemies.

We have tension, stress, fear, anxiety. We were all once a baby, we will soon get older and older and then we will all die. So what exactly is unique about you?

You are just a cycle

By noting down things that are common to you and others, either those who live along with you or to someone who lived before or will live in the future, you will find that there is something in all of us that is repeating again and again.

The Birth of Astrology

The recognition of cycles around us lead to the discovery of Astrology rules. The ancient seers of India by a process of deep contemplation combined with meditation and divine grace were able to lay the rules of Indian Astrology.

The dasha and bhukti (Major Planetary period = Dasha) is anacknowledgement of a great cycle of experiences in human beings.

When Rahu Dasha and Saturn bhukti comes everyone goes through the best (worst) lessons in human survival. Many things happen during such a period when even anatheistwill wonder if he has to seek out the help of God. Sometimes those who are great believers lose faith in God because they think that if God really existed such things cannot happen to them. This is a time when people make the worst of decisions. Some get involved in scam especially sexual. Many have gone bankrupt during this periods. Some lose an important person during such periods.

To be continued….

By E K Dhilip Kumar


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