Why only Sarpa (Snake) Dosha why not Lion Tiger and Elephant Dosha?


SARPA DOSHA or RAHU related Doshas are amongst the most commonly discussed Doshas. Doshas means Blemish. All doshas are reversible. What does it take to reverse it?



Have you ever wondered why in the horoscope we find only Sarpa Dosha and not doshas connected to so many other animals like Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Bull, Bear and so on? What does Sarpa Dosha (Blemish due to Snake) really mean. Is the Sarpa dosha just the hissing Sssssnakes? Or is it much more? Read this article and spread the word around before we make things worse.

What is Sarpa Dosha?

Sarpa Dosha is a blemish in a horoscope that is caused by Rahu and Ketu only if they occupy certain houses or in a certain way. There are man varieties of Sarpa Dosha and it is the most often used term in Indian Astrology whenever doshas are discussed. Every problem in life is wrongly attributed to some form of Sarpa Dosha so much that it looks like most people are suffering from it. Both the quacks and experts use it liberally. Even those who have not understood the basics of Vedic Astrology speak about Sarpa Dosha, Kal Sarpa Dosha and Rahu Dosha.

In this article I wish to focus mainly on understanding Rahu and Ketu from a different angle and thereby you will understand the basis of all doshas that are related to Rahu and Ketu.

Is the Sarpa (Snake) Dosha that is caused by RAHU really that bad?

In order to answer this question we must first understand what Rahu really is and what message Rahu conveys to us through the horoscope. I am not going to tell you what is already written about Rahu in 100s of websites because I am sure you must have read quite a few of them by now. Let me try to tell you something that you may probably not be aware of unless you have read this article earlier.

The Snake from its point of view represents anger by its hissing and striking action. It also represents poison and hence either great pain or eventual death. All this applies if the Snake is poisonous. To those who are seeing a snake things are very different. In tamil language there is saying which when translated sounds like, “even an army will run away at the sight of a snake”. Of course today people have special methods to finish off a snake in no time. Despite all this a snake represents the highest fear.

Rahu relates to the forbidden (fruit). The Forbidden Fruit as a metaphor. The term “Forbidden” most generally refers to any indulgence or pleasure that is considered illegal or immoral and potentially dangerous or harmful, particularly relating to human sexuality. Rahu primarily represents the forbidden things that God did not permit you to do. In Ancient Indian philosophy we often find the mentioning of 2 birds. One bird sits quietly and the other one is eating the fruit. The bird that eats the fruit gets into the karma trap.

In the Bible we have read the story of the Adam and Eve versus the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. A snake is seen close to Adam and Eve. God told them not to touch the fruit. When something is forbidden the first thought that comes to the human being is to consume or snatch the forbidden. However, Adam and Eve grab the fruit and eat it. From that day it is said that our Karma started. The snake in the picture depicts the temptation – working against God etc.

So RAHU is related to the forbidden, usually drugs and intoxication, adultery, black magic and all the bad habits that are believed to lead man into the zone of great misery and unhappiness.

Rahu is actually a demon – opposite of the Gods while all other planets are godly by nature. Rahu and Ketu are demonic by nature. So the snake represents negativity.

When you see a snake what are your feelings?

Fear is the first thing. We may imagine (mostly wrong) that the snake in front of us is always poisonous. So we do not want to take a chance. 9 out of 10 times the snake in front of us is most likely to be a non poisonous snake.

The snake may be actually non poisonous because 90% of the snakes are non-poisonous unless you are really in a bad place at the wrong time. You need to have good knowledge of snakes. So it means you are ignorant (opposite of true knowledge). You will imagine and hallucinate. You will be confused. You will suspect. You will doubt. Even if the snake is poisonous the chances of being bitten by the snake is less until you are very close to it or you have trampled upon the resting snake. Once fear comes to your mind you cannot think straight. If the snake bites you, you may run due of fear thinking you are going to die. If you know about snake bites you can easily save yourself with a little bit of knowledge.

The snake is the embodiment of our anger, hate, fear, poison, the maya or the hallucinations, the confusion, the ignorance, the wrong, the suspicion, the revenge, the guilt that makes us see the ghost, the addiction and wrong thoughts and wrong habits. The ancient seers of Astrology gave a common name for all these negative traits – they referred to it as Rahu the Snake.

If I tell you that anger, hate, revenge, doubts, fear, drugs, suspicion. ignorance and all these negative traits causes many problems in our life then as a scientific minded or logical person that is acceptable to you. But if I tell you that Rahu causes all these you tend to dismiss it off as a superstition. What’s in a word. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as much as fear and ignorance by any other name should be as harmful. The ancient seers of India just called it by another name – RAHU.

RAHU is just that shadow we carry from past lives to the current life. The doubt, fear, confusion, the rebellious spirit in us. You may have already observed that bad habits cling on to us for days together in the current life, so why not from previous lives as well. If Rahu is the head of this SNAKE then Ketu is the headless snake.

KETU is the snake without a head. The head (RAHU) is the most dangerous part of the snake is it not? When the head of the snake is gone the fear is gone, the fear and hallucination is gone leaving behind KETU the planet that indicates Spirituality. So Ketu is called the gnanakaraka – the giver of true knowledge.

When the SUN (Soul) and the Moon (Mind) enters the zone of RAHU and KETU simultaneously, something dramatic happens in the sky. That is called the eclipse. Today most people in the world know what causes the eclipse and the eclipse makes headlines, make the head turn to the sky, from the scientist to the astrologers, from the wise to the unaware.

In ancient times the seers who knew how to exactly calculate the position of this shadow grahas (Rahu and Ketu) told the layman that there is a snake in the zodiac belt that swallows up the Sun and the Moon. Philosophically speaking when the light of SUN and the MOON enter the SHADOW region of RAHU and KETU, we get caught in MAYA the illusion – we sink in darkness, in doubts and in fear something similar to the eclipse. Everything about Snakes is misunderstood.

Can Snakes hear?

Not at all or at least not in the way other animals hear sound. Have you seen snake charmers charming the snakes? When the snakes cannot hear the music then what is the snake charmer and the snake doing. They claim that they play the music so well that the snakes dance to their tunes. The snakes seem like dancing because the snake is following the physical movement of the instrument instead of the music.

Do snakes drink the milk that is offered to them? Not at all. The snake worshipers of India always offer milk to snakes. In fact if you force a snake to drink milk it will eventually die. Snake charmers keep a snake thirsty for a very long time and then if given milk will finally drink it for the sake of the water in the milk. Devotees pay money for this type of service not knowing that the snake is made to suffer by the snake charmer. In the next birth obviously such snake charmers will have a miserable life.

Do snakes take revenge?

If you kill a snake then watch out for its mate. The angry mate will somehow find you out and kill you no matter where you are in the world. This in a popular misconception in India. Such stories were probably told with good intention – do not kill snakes. Actually snakes have no emotions and no feeling of mate or love.

Are all the snakes in the world dangerous?

Generally all over the world and especially in India snakes are almost always described as larger than they really are. The movies and especially the animated ones have shown snakes 10 times larger. The Indian movies often show that snakes have good memory, thinks like a human and take revenge no matter where you go. So most people are afraid of snakes and hence before the snake gets you, you feel that you should get the snake first.

The venomous snakes only make up about 10 percent of snake species worldwide. The remaining 90 percent is killed because of ignorance and fear. When we kill creatures for no good reason then we should expect bad to happen to us without knowing why.

For 1000s of years we have been hearing that all snakes are dangerous and you need to kill it before it gets you or your family members. So each time we got a chance we have been killing snakes in our past lives.

We forget that snakes are an essential part of the ecosystem. The rat population is controlled by the snake population. When we interfere with nature, nature always interferes with us. That is where the problem starts.

How do we connect the snakes to karma?

We know Rahu and Ketu are the snake and the shadow elements in our horoscope. How did they get there? Who put them there? How do we connect the theory of karma with snakes?In one or several of our past lives we may have killed snakes just because of fear and ignorance.

The above picture is ample proof of the what human beings are capable of. It also proves how we get the Rahu Dosha in our lives. All the people involved in such activities will in their next birth have a bad Rahu in their horoscope and during Rahu dasha may face the consequences of what they have done. The above drink is a very expensive drink – I mean karmic expense. It is also an expensive drink and is used to show off that one can be a different and unique person in this world by doing something totally unthinkable.

We may have not only killed the snakes, we seek out the home of the snakes and look for eggs and smash it fearing that out of the snakes will come other snakes that will take revenge (based on folklore). In this way we have stopped the process of creation simply because of our ignorance. Snakes are easier to kill because snakes are not physically strong when compared to other animals like the lion, tiger and elephants. A lion is not that easy to kill when compared to the most venomous snake. Moreover a lion may get killed because it may have actually attacked a human being. Lions and tigers attack human beings as they are predators. Snakes do not run after or stalk human beings like a lion, tiger or leopard. In fact the snakes are helpless against the smart and powerful man. Those who know how to handle the poisonous snakes find it so easy to do that.

The way a trained person handles snakes and extracts the poison for medicinal purpose is enough proof that snakes are really helpless. The helplessness of snakes is revealed in the above photo. Such drinks are very expensive and it shows the madness of human beings.

RAHU is not only connected to just snakes. We may have in one of our past life killed our spouse because we were afraid of them, we thought they knew too much of our forbidden activities or because we did not believe them, or because we got the wrong information about them. We wanted to take revenge on our spouse because we suspected them without any good reason. We may have used poison to do that. Such actions are revealed by the placement of Rahu the significator of poison in the horoscope.

When a deed has been committed out of anger, fear, ignorance and suspicion or by using poison, then RAHU gets into the wrong axis of the horoscope in a future life during which the side effect of that crime will have to be experienced.

So while RAHU no doubt includes the sin of killing snakes, Rahu Doshas include all crimes done out of fear, ignorance and imagination etc. Is RAHU in the 5th or the 7th house? Rahu is considered good in houses 3, 6, 10 and 11. In other houses Rahu always indicates some problem. However when Rahu is in the 5th or the 7th house every Astrologer from beginner to expert will speak about them first before saying anything else. Why is this position so popular (notorious)?

The 5th house refers to children, the mind, the creativity and all that which comes from the good deeds done in the past life. The 5th house rules all that we can create. Of so many things that we create which is more important. Obviously it is Children. RAHU in the 5th house obstructs the happiness relating to children.

The obstruction may be because we killed many snakes and eggs of snakes in our past life. It may be because we killed our own children either by aborting them or … in India female children is killed as soon as they are born because a daughter is considered as a curse amongst the poor people.

In the western world abortions may be the cause. When a woman has Rahu in the 5th house she is prone to having trouble with her reproductive organ (relating to the egg) and hence prone to abortions or difficulty in child birth.

Rahu in the 5th house may also mean some injustice in other forms may have been done to children in one of the past lives. The person may have suspected the children or punished them severely without knowing the truth about what they have done.

If Rahu is in the 5th and there is also Kal Sarpa Dosha then severe problems in the area of children, mind and creativity is often seen. If Moon (Mind) joins Rahu the person may need the help of doctors who specialize in mind related diseases. Such people hallucinate and complain of seeing things that cause fear in them.

That is why many who have Rahu in the 5th or 7th have reported seeing ghosts. They see it because they imagine it. The fear from past live action creates the image out of guilt. Remember only Macbeth sees the ghost. Of course, where Lady Macbeth sees a stool, Macbeth sees the Ghost of Banquo. He tells her to “see” for herself, to “behold,” to “look.” As Macbeth speaks, the non existing ghost nods at him, and he challenges the ghost to speak up.

Rahu represents our fear arising out of our heinous crime.The 5th house also refers to love affair or romance. Those who have Rahu in the 5th house always are suspicious about what the lover is doing. So if Rahu is in the 5th house it is better to avoid love and romance because eventually you will get into the negative state that is caused by suspecting your lover. The 7th house means spouse (husband or wife). The 7th house is the house of sex, reproduction and is therefore strongly connected to the children we reproduce out of union or marriage. So the 7th house is linked to the 5th house.

If the 7th house is weakened by Rahu, the spouse or the person may have trouble in matters pertaining to children. Surgery related to the navel area is common for those having Rahu in the 7th.

In males I have met many people who have suffered from appendicitis, in females complications like endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, or repeated abortions etc. are quite common.

Trouble in marriage or late marriage is also other side effects of having Rahu in the 7th house. Rahu in the 7th house leads to spells of separation from spouse.Rahu in the 7th house without any aspect from Guru (Jupiter) or Sukra (Venus) means that the person may be carrying a lot of hate and anger from the past life.

If Jupiter is aspecting ( looking at ) Rahu then it means that by proper guidance from expert Astrologers or Consultants or teachers, a motivational guru or a spiritual Guru the person may change such bad habits that persist for many lives.

Remedies for RAHU dosha

If Rahu is the cause of dosha it means fear, confusion, lack of positive thinking, ignorance and poison is the cause of problems in the current life. How do we treat such ailments? The advice is as follows:

Get friendly to the snake.

That way the fear is gone.

Enjoy the beauty in this world. Get rid of fear and the bad things.

I am not asking you to play with snakes. Only experts should do that. All the famous Gurus of India are seen playing with snakes. If Rahu is obstructive in your horoscope Astrologer may advise you to pray to Snake Gods and visit temples associated with snakes or to Rahu. This is your way of saying that you are trying to get friendly with snakes. When the fear of snakes is gone will you kill snakes again? That is why there are so many snake temples (Naga) in India.

The idea was intended to get you used to snakes by worshiping snakes. Note the snakes around Lord Shiva. The meaning is fear has been overcome by the power of knowledge, when fear is gone, life gets better. You get more confident. With confidence success is sure to follow.

So those who have Kalsarpa Dosha usually have so much fear in them to begin with. It takes about 30 to 35 years or sometimes up to 40 years for the fear to go. Hence people having this dosha do not achieve much until the mid point of their career. Then all on a sudden the fear is gone and success replaces fear. The hero is born. Most Gods and Goddess of Hinduism are often associated with snakes only to convey the meaning that the fear has been overcome.

Get rid of fear (not the snakes)

How to destroy fear? Only by knowledge. Knowledge is given by teachers and Gurus. So go to good consultants, lawyers, astrologers, guides, motivators and so on. Fear and ignorance will be gone. Once fear is gone things will improve. Worship on all Thursdays. Go to such temples on Thursdays that has more devotees on all THURSDAYS. Lord Shiva is the considered the best GURU. If you are an atheist, then go to good and honest consultants in the respective field (based on your trouble area) who will show you the way. In general there is a saying, when the student is ready the Master appears. So those who have the Sarpa Dosha should take the 1st step towards knowledge.

Destroy the suspicion (not the relationship)

Do not jump to conclusion as conclusions may jump on you. So do not jump on the snake as the snake may jump on you. In case you suspect someone is cheating you. investigate with an open mind. Do not be biased. 5th house is the house of romance. Rahu in the 5th may mean unnecessary suspicions in love relationship. Rahu in the 7th house may mean suspicion in marriage relationship. Rahu in the 7th house often denotes unconventional marriage or sexual habits. The right knowledge will end the problem.

Avoid being the unconventional and the rebel

Avoid being the odd person out. If most of the world believes in God, then why not believe in God. What is the harm. If Rahu is in the 9th house the person may have a tendency to do something that others do not want you to do. You tend to question God or religion or refuse to listen to what your Guru or teacher says. If you want to be unconventional that is okay but do not fight with your teachers, gurus and Gods. Listen to others. Others have an equal right to speak out their views as much as you have. Learn to accept this reality.

Avoid hallucinating

Most people who have RAHU or KETU in the 5th house (Males especially) like to hallucinate. Drinking alcohol or drug abuse is one of the common methods that allow you to hallucinate. For example Rahu in the 11th house may indicate addiction to alcohol or drug or smoke or sometimes even to strong coffee.

Staying under the care of a Guru in a good ashram is likely to have a better effect on you than by staying in a alcohol or drug de-addiction centre. The reason is GURU is opposite RAHU. Guru means knowledge and Rahu means ignorance. A good doctor (like a Guru) may also help you out but only if you listen and obey.

Rahu in various houses and what they really mean:

Read general information on RAHU before reading the following. There are 100s of pages on the internet.Remember Rahu is good in certain signs and in certain houses. Rahu may become a yogakaraka. RAHU may become a giver of good luck too. Whatever it is the following information will be useful if you wish to reverse the negative karmic tendencies that Rahu is trying to reveal.\

Rahu in the 1st house

The 1st house is you, your thoughts and your very life. Rahu representing the ignorance and fear occupies your very being. So you may tend to become lazy because you hallucinate a lot instead of really working, you may remain in a dream world, prone to temptations and maya. But if Rahu is in the signs of Cancer, Taurus or Aries, these effects will be much reduced.

Pray to Lord Shiva or meet a good motivator who will bring you back to reality. From your past life you may have carried forward a lot of tamasic nature due to ignorance in the head (brain). The 1st house denotes the head. Much of whatever we are resides in the head. Such people should avoid consuming garlic and onion and other tamasic food in excess.

Rahu in the 2nd House

The 2nd house deals with all that we are possessive about. Family, Face and Wealth is something that we are all possessive about. In past lives the person may have taken away money from others and failed to return it (mostly cheating) and in this birth he may find situations that take the money back from him. In the current life he may get into debts because too much money has been taken away. Something that you are possessive about is trying to go away from you. This is the effect of Rahu in the 2nd.

Rahu in the 3rd House

This position is considered good. In your past life you may have given to others without expecting anything in return. In this life you will get improvements in life during RAHU dasha or RAHU bhukti (Sub period) without asking others.

Rahu in the 4th House

If Rahu is in your 4th house you may have broken up a home and enjoyed it or worse still destroyed the home of snakes. Or you may have given emotional problems to your mother. You may have ignored the problems of your dear and near. In this life your heart may be weakened by emotional problems. You may not be able to enjoy home. So in the current life you may have trouble experiencing a good home, landed properties, relatives and conveyances. Most of your relatives will become your enemies. Ancestral property (maternal) may be denied to you.

Quit smoking as heart problems are indicated when you have Rahu in the 4th house.

Consume Tulsi leaves regularly. Rebuild homes for the homeless or at least repair the roofs or replace it if the roof is leaking and the family is very poor.Best Remedy: If you have already identified your KULA Devata Temple then take part in rebuilding, renovation or improvement of the infrastructure, making it more comfortable for devotees who come to your kula devata temple. In short give comforts to others.

Rahu in the 5th House

You may have destroyed the eggs of snakes, fertilized eggs of a hen etc or caused abortions etc in past lives. In the current life therefore there may be severe anxiety due to children or the process of child birth or conception issues if you are woman. You may have to pay back a lot of money to Infertility specialist to solve your problem. People around you may find that your anger destroys your progress. They may label you as selfish and self-oriented which is also true, this being a habit that is continuing from your past life.Promotions and improvements in career may be spoiled by your anger.

Remedy: Spread the message that all the snakes in the world are not dangerous. Only 10% is. Leave the snakes alone. Tell others by email, or over TV etc that snakes play an important role. Tell them that they go after the rats and not human beings and there is no need to kill them. Natural calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis happen in places where people are regularly killing snakes and children.

Rahu in the 6th House

Rahu is good in the 6th house. But this position may indicate that you get victory only after trouble, only after battles and fights. In past life you loved to fight but you did not take away other peoples money. All you liked was victory and not the money of others. You took pride in the ability to fight and conquer. So you will have money in the current life but have many enemies around you. Worship Goddess Durga if Sukra (Venus) is a functional malefic in your horoscope.

Rahu in the 7th House

In a past life you may have gained money easily by creating a maya (illusion) or cheated your spouse or business partners. In this life you may have to spend a lot of money for others and especially towards your spouse or your business partners may take away money from you. You may have insulted the opposite sex which is why you are qualified to be insulted by the opposite sex. Rahu in the 7th house is sure to make you a spendthrift ignoring economic intelligence. You subconsciously remember that you have taken away money from others quite easily and have the urge of giving it back as easily as a means of reversing the bad karma. In nature everything tries to come to a state of equilibrium.

Rahu in the 8th House

In a past life you may have unnecessarily persecuted others. You may have used fear, to gain from others. You may have loved to see others getting frightened. So in the current life the misdeeds may come back to you. In a past life using deceptive methods, you may have achieved victory. In this life you may get punished even though you have not done anything bad. For women, it may create more problems especially marital problems.

Rahu in the 9th House

In past life you may have cheated your Guru, father or misguided people who came to you for advice or help. In this life you may have trouble with teachers. You may have trouble in trying to understand Astrology or other sciences that deal with future possibilities or deals with guidance. Teachers may not like you. Many people have a short lived father or a bad father. Many speak ill of God and religion. Generally anti-dharma or anti-truth. Memory failure is often seen because the curse of a Guru leads to memory failure at the most needed hour. Remember the story of Karna (the warrior in Mahabharata). who forgot the mantra that should have saved him in the battle.Gurus who have conquered the fear of snakes means they can get your Rahu out. The question is will you reach out to the Guru.

Rahu in the 10th House

It is good to have RAHU in the 10th house but when other planets like Saturn and Moon etc join he 10th then there may be reversal of the expected luck. If Rahu is giving good results (especially because Rahu is with a Trikona Lord) then in the past life you may have done good things for the welfare of others. If RAHU, SATURN and MOON are together in the 10th house then the person may do foolish things and commit major blunders in the current life with regard to career because in the past life you may have spoiled the profession or career of a person.

Rahu in the 11h House

It is good to have RAHU in the 11h house. This person has done lot of good action in the past life. You may have permitted others to earn more by imparting knowledge to them. Only side effect is that you may consume alcohol in excess or get into other forms of addiction. Sometimes it may be addiction to unnatural sex.Sometime it may be a craze for power and position. You may do anything to get back to power or stay in power.

Rahu in the 12th house.

Rahu in the 12th house is considered bad. You may hvave spoiled the bed comforts of others in the past life. So in the current life you may have troubled your wife or husband. Marriage failures are common. You may have some defects in the lower legs. You may have defective vision, problems with children and financial losses. Using rumors or a lie as the weapon you may caused separation of husband and wife. Loss of wealth due to spouse (divorce case) is because in your past life you deceived your spouse or did not give what was due to your spouse.

The horoscope of a person born during an eclipse

This person was born during a Solar Eclipse. Sun is eclipsed. From the horoscope you can can always spot an eclipse. On the axis of Rahu-Ketu you will find the Sun-Moon axis. If the Sun and Moon are opposite it is a Lunar eclipse. If the Sun and Moon are together it is a Solar eclipse.

In his horoscope the Bhava Chart is the same as Rasi Chart.

This man was born in Simha Lagna – ruled by the Sun. Sun represents father. His father who take care of him so well died when he was a child. The Sun is the ruled of the Lagna – therefore rules health and vitality. The lagna means so much. Here the Lagna is seriously afflicted.

Sun the lord of Lagna is weak and afflicted – he has suffered in this area almost continuously. He suffered from Tuberculosis which was cured, however his lungs were badly affected and doctors say that he may not live long.

He was born during AMAVASYA. Maharshi Parasara in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra says that birth is AMAVASYA (New Moon) decreases the good opportunities in life to a great extent.

He has remained without marriage, no one is willing to marry him. The eclipse has happened on the marriage axis – the 7th and the 1st house.

He is very poor and is dependent on his family members. They insult him very often because they have to take care of him.

The 10th house lord Venus (Sukra) is found in the 12th house. So he had never a good time with his career. Frequent changes has taken away his confidence too.

The influence of RAHU-KETU is revealed so much in this horoscope and that is why I picked up this horoscope as a study material.

Now have a look at the horoscope.


So remember that RAHU is not outside or in the skies. It is within us as a habit. It represents our fears and ignorance that should be removed at least in the current birth. It means it is time you meet a great Guru who can show you the way out of fear and doubts.

Find out where Rahu is in your horoscope. Your fear, anxiety, suspicion and doubts are likely to be connected to the matters pertaining to the house.Instead of saying RAHU the SNAKE is occupying the said house you may say that there is fear, ignorance and confusion in the matters pertaining to the said house.

Remember Rahu is good if alone in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11 house. If Rahu is a yogakaraka then there is nothing to worry.

The problem is that if you say that the curse of the snake is the cause of your problem then it means that you have externalized your problem. You point to Rahu as the cause of problem.

Many people in India are afraid of Rahu in their horoscope. They even ask “what have I got to do with a snake”. Or why is this snake troubling me? If you say your anger, fear or ignorance is the cause of bad luck then you understand that this is your problem and you can rectify it. If you say it is caused by RAHU then you feel that you cannot change it at all because RAHU is not in your grasp. It is somewhere up in the sky.

If RAHU is afflicting you through your horoscope do not worry. All you need to do is: Listen to your parents (Your 1st teachers) Listen to your teacher (Your 2nd teacher) Listen to God (Your 3rd and final teacher) So at all times you just need a good teacher. So a strong GURU in your horoscope is believed to overcome the ill effects of RAHU.

If Guru is not strong strengthen Guru. If according to your Ascendant, Guru (Jupiter) is a functional malefic (an obstructive planet) then worship GURU to overcome the influence of RAHU. This happens if your Lagna is Vrishaba, Mithuna, Kanya, Thula, Makara or Kumbha.

For other Lagnas Guru is a friendly planet.If according to your Ascendant Guru (Jupiter) is a benefic planet (if your lagna is not any of the above highlighted Lagnas) then you may wear on your right hand index finger (if you are right handed) a good quality Yellow Sapphire set in gold.

In this article I have deliberately left out the discussion on Kal Sarpa Dosha because I found 100s of articles on this notorious yoga or dosha however you wish to call it. If you understood the role of Rahu from this article then you will be in a better position to understand the effect of Kal Sarpa Dosha.


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