Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Color: Light-Blue, Silver

Day: Saturday

Ruler: UranusSaturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: LeoSagittarius

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Date range: January 20 - February 18

Ah, lovely Aquarius, the most original of all the sun signs, you are a leader in every way, and you refuse to follow the crowd. You have your own ideas, and nothing makes you happier than to see your dreams come to life. You will have numerous opportunities to fulfill your aspirations this year, Aquarius, as 2017 will bring you many good things domestically and financially. You will face new challenges as well; these are situations that may test your strong opinions about life.

You have a stubborn nature about you, my breezy friend, and you may need to open your mind to alternative ways of thinking this year. This will be your biggest challenge, as you feel your opinions are crucial to your identity, but you must realize that you are not always right in all things, Aquarius. Sometimes a new way of looking at the world can bring you many gifts. At the beginning of the year, around February, a challenging and exciting opportunity will come your way. It will be a creative project, and it will be very appealing to you. At first, you may feel as though you are in over your head on this project, but give it a little time. Trust your instincts and brilliant ideas, and this venture is sure to be a success. Take care to be open to new ways of working on this endeavor; try not to be stubborn regarding how things get done. Just get them done, Aquarius!

Springtime in 2017 brings you luck in love, my airy friend. You will feel a strong sense of stability at home and with family, and you can expect a surprise gift from a lover or a sibling around April. Later summer and mid-August is a time for Aquarius to be cautious. Hold your money close, and steer clear of the temptation to be involved in gossip of any kind. You are usually kind and easygoing, my friend, but sometimes you can be tempted by idle chatter.  In September, when Mercury directs in Leo, you will find yourself in a situation where you must avoid confrontation at all costs. Stay quiet, and let the other party play the fool. Remain centered, and this situation will be resolved.  The end of 2017 will be good for you, Aquarius. You will experiences riches in life, love and finances all due to your kind-hearted nature and creativity!


Aquarius Yearly Prediction 2018

It is a case of kind of mix results for you this year. Unexpected expenses may upset your financial planning, indicates the Aquarius Horoscope 2018. As a positive aspect, benevolent Jupiter keeps sending positive vibes over the house linked with finance. In turn you are to remain in a healthy financial position during the year.


2018 Aquarius Horoscope in a Nutshell

Ruler of your sign Saturn also holds portfolio of the 12th house from your sign. Saturn keeps traversing through Capricorn, in the 12th house for whole of the year, informs the Aquarius 2018 Horoscope. At the beginning you are to look for right direction to make move. From second week of January you are start becoming aware about constraints holding you from accelerating pace of progress, predicts the 2018 Aquarius Horoscope. Venus is ruler of the ninth house, linked with luck, fortune in general. Viewing this Venus is to now give hint about direction to follow, suggests the Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2018. In coming days Venus is work well in increasing inflow of money for you. Jupiter remains stationed in watery sign Scorpio and moves through the tenth house from your sign, as per the Aquarius in 2018 Horoscope. Jupiter is to help for stabilizing things on occupational front. Jupiter sends positive vibes over its own sign Pisces, in the second house for most part of the year. With both benefices providing support, your position on financial front is to become stronger, suggests the Aquarius Horoscope 2018. Saturn posited in the 12th house, can lead to unexpected expenses, can upset your planning. You need to handle money matters very much cautiously. On occupational front growth prospects look encouraging, indicates the Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2018. Job holder can expect a better position coupled with hike in remuneration. Business person and professional are to get good opportunity to strike profitable deals, predicts the Aquarius Horoscope 2018. Single one needs to be cautious, careful while trying to shape love relationship or developing relationship with opposite sex for enjoying sexual pleasure only, cautions the Aquarius 2018 Horoscope. See that you do not get in relationship with person having undesirable characteristics. Happenings during the year are to result in better prospective position for you.

2018 Aquarius Horoscope: Saturn Transit

Tough task master and ruler of your sign Saturn also hold charge of the 12th house for your sign. Saturn is in own sign that overly cautious, earthly Capricorn in combust state along with combust Venus and mighty Sun, in 12th house from your sign at the beginning.

Saturn starts visibly rising on horizon from second week of January.

Saturn turns retrograde from 18th April and becomes Direct from around sixth September. Saturn remains in Capricorn for whole of the year, and posited in 12th house from your sign.

2018 Aquarius Horoscope: Venus Transit

Most favorable planet for your sign Dear Venus enters its own sign airy sign Libra from seventh August, in the 9th house from your sign.

Around tenth September Venus enters passionate Scorpio in the 10th house and turns retrograde therein from sixth October.

Venus reenters airy sign Libra in retrograde mode from second November. Venus becomes direct in motion from 16th November in Libra, in the 9th house from your sign.

Venus reenters Scorpio from around 3rd December in the 10th house and remains therein till end of the year.These predictions are based on your Sun Sign, so you may not get the detailed picture about the entire year.

2018 Aquarius Horoscope: Mars Transit

Aggressive Mars rules the tenth house for your sign. Mars enters last of airy sign Aquarius, your sign, around mid of May.

Mars turns retrograde therein from around 27th June and reenters its sign of exaltation Capricorn in retrograde mode from around mid of August, in the 12th house from your sign.

Mars becomes direct in motion therein from around end of August and reenters Aquarius from around mid of September, in your sign.

2018 Aquarius Horoscope: Jupiter Transit

Jupiter, is posited in a fix natured watery sign Scorpio along with Ruler of the sign Mars, in the 10th house at the beginning.

Jupiter turns retrograde from around ninth March. Jupiter becomes direct in motion from around eleventh of July, in the tenth house.

Jupiter enters its own sign fiery Sagittarius from ninth November, in the 11th house from your sign.

2018 Aquarius Horoscope: Rahu-Ketu Transit

Rahu (north node) is in a fiery sign Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius in the 7th and your sign respectively at the beginning of the year.

Rahu changes sign to enter a moveable watery sign Cancer and Ketu shifts into Capricorn, in the sixth house and in the 12th house respectively.

Aquarius 2018 Horoscope: Eventful Times

11th February to mid of May

27th June to end of August

7th August to end of November

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