Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown, Black

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: TaurusCancer

Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22

Date range: December 22 - January 19

Your ambition is impressive, Capricorn. You aspire to great things, and expect nothing but ultimate success in love, business and family. The Universe respects your desire to succeed, but in 2017, you will need to step carefully regarding the path you take on your way to success. Remember that although you are industrious and competitive, you have many people surrounding you that are a huge support system.  Don't forget these important people; remember to continually give them thanks and kudos. Loyalty to your support system can only bring you greater reward, Capricorn.

Be very careful not to step on anyone's toes this year. In January, a close friend will ask you for help. Take the time to assist this person, even though you are very busy with your own personal endeavors, as it will reinforce a loyal friendship that you will depend on later in the year. Your continued quest for success in business will bring you a slow and steady financial gain, beginning in February and culminating in June, when Jupiter directs in Virgo. You will be congratulating yourself on your efforts at this time, Capricorn, but be careful not to get a big head. Remember all those other people in your life who have helped you along. Two coworkers in particular have been crucial to this new financial gain; offer them congrats and share some of your profit.

This year, you will need to spend some time offering recognition and gratitude to coworkers, lovers, friends and family. You love to be recognized and appreciated, Capricorn, and now it is your turn to give, rather than receive. Write thank-you notes, make homemade brownies, buy flowers and give everyone you know and love an extra pat on the back. You will find that when you are consistently generous, loving and positive, the Universe will respond in kind. The more you give, the more you get, my Earthy friend, in ways that you can't even imagine!


Capricorn Yearly Prediction 2018

The year is to see you have better times, practically at all fronts. Good time for personal growth. Jupiter is to facilitate encouraging opportunity for monetary gains, as per the Capricorn Horoscope 2018. New meaningful relationship is also likely to develop here. This is to work well for enhancing your prospects in general.


Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2018 in a Nutshell

Major planets are in state are in state of combustion. Ruler of your sign Saturn is posited therein along with most favorable planet for your sign Venus, informs the Capricorn Horoscope 2018. Both are combust at the beginning. Saturn comes out from state of combustion from second week of January. This is to give enough opportunities to work upon, suggests the Capricorn 2018 Horoscope. Venus becomes visible on horizon from around 21st February. This signals beginning of better times for you. On occupational front encouraging opportunity is to come up. A new meaningful relationship is also likely to develop, indicates the 2018 Capricorn Horoscope. This is to work well in enhancing your prospects in general. Benevolent Jupiter is in a watery sign Scorpio, in eleventh house from your sign, informs the Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2018. For most part of the year Jupiter remains stationed in the eleventh house, linked with fulfillment of wishes, gains and relationships in general, as per the Capricorn in 2018 Horoscope. Jupiter is to work well for fulfillment of wishes and also facilitate spirit enlivening monetary gains. If single, now is time to tie knots. Venus is to help in shaping love relationship with opposite sex of choice, encourages the Capricorn Horoscope 2018. Married one is to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with partner for life. Summing up the year has something to cheer up for all.These predictions are based on your Sun Sign, so you may not get the detailed picture about the entire year.


Capricorn 2018 Horoscope: Saturn Transit

Tough task master and ruler of your sign Saturn also hold charge of the second for your sign. Saturn is in own sign that overly cautious, earthly Capricorn in combust state along with Combust Venus and mighty Sun, in your sign at the beginning.

Saturn starts visibly rising on horizon from second week of January.

Saturn turns retrograde from 18th April and becomes Direct from around sixth September. Saturn remains in Capricorn for whole of the year, and posited in your sign.


Capricorn 2018 Horoscope: Venus Transit

Most favorable planet for your sign Dear Venus enters its own sign airy sign Libra from seventh August, in the 10th house from your sign.

Around tenth September Venus enters passionate Scorpio in the 11th house and turns retrograde therein from sixth October.

Venus reenters airy sign Libra in retrograde mode from second November. Venus becomes direct in motion from 16th November in Libra, in the 10th house from your sign.

Venus reenters Scorpio from around 3rd December in the 11th house and remains therein till end of the year.


Capricorn 2018 Horoscope: Mars Transit

Aggressive Mars enters last of airy sign Aquarius, in the Second house from around mid of May.

Mars turns retrograde therein from around 27th June and reenters its sign of exaltation Capricorn in retrograde mode from around mid of August, in Capricorn (your sun sign).

Mars becomes direct in motion therein from around end of August and reenters Aquarius from around mid of September, in the Second house.


Capricorn 2018 Horoscope: Jupiter Transit

Jupiter, is posited in a fix natured watery sign Scorpio along with Ruler of the sign Mars in the 11th house at the beginning.

Jupiter turns retrograde from around ninth March. Jupiter becomes direct in motion from around eleventh of July.

Jupiter enters a fiery sign Sagittarius from ninth November, in the 12th house from your sign.


Capricorn 2018 Horoscope: Rahu-Ketu Tranist

Rahu (north node) is in a fiery sign Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius in the 8th and the second house respectively at the beginning of the year.

Rahu changes sign to enter a movable watery sign Cancer and Ketu shifts into Capricorn, in the seventh house and in your sign respectively.


2018 Capricorn Horoscope: Eventful Times

11th February to mid of April

27th June to end of August

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